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This Group is geared towards the entrepreneur who wants to start his or her own business, and the individual who has an established small business and would like to see that business grow and expand.

Join our Business Group today, it is FREE of charge to all companies.


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  • Louis

    Help  Kids Pay For There Own Schooling doing  summer ??  What are you doing for the summer ?? If You Want Work From Home Pick The Right USA Company Your ACE In Hole Self Employment we in 170 country's and in business 14 years and we have over 3 million customers be Free Affiliate but it's best to up grade if you can cut & paste 1 free add a day you can work and get paid

  • E.mama

  • Louis

    Hello I am your up line

    Thanks for joining some have ask if  it free you can join for

    free take a look around the site see everything we offer and if you like it upgrade from $10 month

    or higher , we are paid every day starting at 5:PM Eastern time which mean the

    company share 50 % of the profits with us from money made on penny auction for that day .

    I have never miss pay day (08/16/2011) I place my free add every day  . What do that mean to you if you

    have not place your add , it mean that's how many pay days you have miss because of no add 

    Thanks for join us please see video how to place your free add - I use the note pad

    on my computer to store the info so I can take it back to zeekrewards to be paid If you need help please let me know anytime