High School vs. College: Similarities, Differences

Many people agree that a good education is an important quality to have in life. To achieve that good education, one must not only graduate from high school, but also from college. Many people disagree on the similarities and differences between the two different educations. To compare and contrast them is almost unfair, because they are two completely different worlds, each with their own individual qualities. The differences are aplenty, and in many ways they are also similar.

First off, almost every person in the United States can say that they have been to high school, with the majority saying they graduated. High school is a defining period in every person's life. It's were many of your first new experiences and life lessons are learned. From person to person, opinions will differ. Many believe it was the time of their lives, while others say it was a time to forget and learn from. Either way, high school is an experience in itself.

High school is a period in which many new things happen. You now find yourself in a world full of raging hormones, honors classes, and new found freedoms. High school is routine in a way. You have your eight or so classes year round, and you know when you will be eating lunch. The same kids you went to elementary and middle school with probably are the same kids you went to high school with. Basically, high school is much regimented, and many people find themselves having the same friends for many years. Because of this, in turn once a "reputation" or "image" was established for you in high school, most likely that was going to stick with you for the rest of your time left.

The work in high school is a piece of cake. Unless you are taking honors or AP courses, there is really no reason why someone's GPA should drop below 2.75. Classes in high school are small in size, usually between twenty and thirty students, and there is a one on one feeling with the teacher. It is a laid back atmosphere because everyone knows each other.

Also in high school, many students find a way around the "school" part. Countless students slack off and don't apply themselves to their work or studies. Because of this, many students find themselves doing new extracurricular activities, and I think we all know what is meant by that. It is very easy in high school to fall into bad habits. High School is a perfect opportunity to go down the wrong path and find yourself in bad situations.

All in all, High school is a time for learning and new life experiences. Everyone should experience it, because it prepares you for the next step in your life, and for many that step is college.

Many people go on to college to further not only their education, but to broaden their horizons. College is a completely new experience with many unique aspects that can change and help define one's life. Many people love college, and find it to be a new beginning. It is a new opportunity to define yourself as an individual. You can establish a new image, because everyone is looking to do the exact same thing.

In college, it's time to strap down and get to work. There's really no room for error. Classes are spread out throughout the week, and you often have much down time. There is a lot of work and it is crammed into a short period. It is up to you to know when to eat lunch, and it is up to you when to study. It is also your decision to fill that time where you are not studying or doing work with productive things.

College is a new beginning. You are not tagged with a prior social status or image. It is an opportunity to start new and meet new people. You meet many of your lifelong friends in college, because you go through so much together. In a way, you are transferring to adulthood, with them by your side.

The major new aspect of college is if you dorm there. To dorm at college really makes an individual grow up fast. You must learn to provide for yourself and take care of yourself. You also must learn to interact with people and live with differences. It's a major transition from living at home for eighteen years of your life, to suddenly living and taking care of yourself in a new environment with people you don't know. Many people find it exciting, while many others hate it.

Together, college is a collaboration of exciting new experiences, intellectual exploration, and the examination of ones true self. It's the next step in young adult's lives that lead them to who they truly are. College is where you prepare yourself for adulthood, and your experiences help you face the challenges of tomorrow.

Many aspects of both high school and college can be tied together. For one, you are learning many of the same things you learned in high school your first year or two of college. They are basic general education classes. Depending on the school, teachers can also give you that one on one help. Class sizes can also be similar to high school if you attend a small college. There are similarities in the people also. Even in college clicks and groups develop, just like in high school. On a lighter note, you still party in college just like in high school, probably a lot more as a matter of fact. High school and college are similar because they are both learning experiences that the individual helps write for themselves by their choices and decisions.

On the other hand, we all know that high school and college are very different. Like I said before, they are two completely different worlds. In high school, everything is regimented and you're told what to do. In college classes are spread out and you have much down time to do what you please. Also, in college, unlike high school, you often live by yourself in a dorm. You have to learn to survive for yourself, and make decisions that you are not used to making.

In conclusion, even though high school and college are very different, there are still similarities they share. High school prepares you for college. It is a time full of new experiences and lessons. College is a new chapter in life, and also a new beginning. In a way, college is a mature version of high school. As I said before, to compare and contrast them is unfair, because there are so many different things that an individual does to define the period for themselves. High school and college are what you make of it. To find the true similarities and differences, one must experience both for themselves.

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