How many errors about the printer cartridges do you know?

As we all know, about the printer cartridge, no matter how good the ink is filled, there are some impurities or dust that are brought into the inside of the cartridge after multiple filling. These dust will be brought to the ink flow and adsorption in the filter on the filter, with the increase in dust, the cartridge filter will be blocked, resulting in poor ink flow, so that the printing process and other issues. And if the filter is completely blocked, there may be unable to print and other failures. Therefore, when the ink is filled for more than ten times or one cartridge is used for more than one year, it is best to consider replacing the new or cheap toner cartridges and avoid problems.

Sometimes we will has this misunderstanding, the printer waste ink ultra-capacity, with the program can be cleared to the recent, the printer before the ink in the ultra-thin problem in the discussion of the forum was also very warm. Many friends believe that waste ink only after the need to run the printer maintenance program, the printer waste ink counter cleared on it. In fact, the maintenance of the waste ink is cleared only the printer in the waste ink counter cleared, the printer due to nozzle cleaning, power-on self-test and other reasons the waste ink still exists. If we simply clear the waste ink counter without cleaning the printer waste ink pad, the waste ink in the waste ink pad will continue to increase as the printer continues to work. Once the printer's waste ink pad is filled with waste ink, waste ink is likely to flow out. Various problems.

If these waste ink flow to the printer's power board or control panel, will cause the circuit board short circuit, resulting in damage to the printer. Even if the waste ink does not overflow, when the printer waste ink over the case, waste ink pad volatilization of the vapor will be on the printer circuit board, action agencies and even damage to the nozzle. Of course, some friends think that when the printer waste ink overrun warning, the waste ink pad in the waste ink is not full, do not need to clean the waste pad.

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