In A.H Holy Prophet was ordered by Allah to perform the pilgrimage to His House. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) with all of his companions departed from Madinah and started their journey to Makkah for Pilgrimage. In Makkah Holy Prophet performed the pilgrimage in five days from 8th of Dhu al Hajjah to 12th of Dhu al Hajjah. He advised the Muslims to perform all the rites in the way as he performed. All the Muslims perform Hajj during these specific days. Umrah Experts offers cheap Hajj and Umrah packages to the Muslims of UK for their ease.

Holy prophet performed the rites of Hajj in five days and on the 9th of Dhu al Hajjah, he delivered his sermon to all the Muslims by standing on the mount of Arafat. It is called his last sermon and also farewell sermon because after this sermon he didn’t deliver any sermon. All the Muslims heard it with full concentration because he said that listen to me carefully, it may be my last sermon and I don’t know whether I will be present with you next year. He also said that convey my message to those who are not present here in this sermon.

He explained the summary of Islam in his last sermon. All the Muslims listened to him carefully. The last verse of Holy Quran was revealed during this sermon in which Allah said that today I have completed Islam on you and I have selected Islam as your religion. Holy Prophet delivered this message of Allah to all the Muslims. Following are some points of last sermon of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH):


All the human beings on this earth are born equal. We are the progeny of Adam and Adam was made from clay. No one has superiority over others. White and black, rich and poor, king and slaves all are equal.


On the Day of Judgment no one will be responsible for others. Everyone will be answerable for all of his doings by himself.

World is mortal:

This world is mortal and no one is going to stay permanently in this world. All the property and respect will remain here. So, we should prepare ourselves for our presentation in front of Allah Almighty.

Keep the trust:

If someone keeps his property in your hands for safety you should return that thing to him safely.


All the Muslims are born equal and they should live with unity. No one should by harmed by you. You should live your life with unity and love.

Rights of servants:

You should give your servants whatever you like for your selves. Whatever you eat and wear you should also give to them. Treat them like your brothers or sisters and have mercy upon them.

Do not revenge for the blood:

Revenge for blood was is forbidden. Holy Prophet also ignored the blood of Hazrat Ibn-Rabiah-bin-Haris (R.A). Life should be spent with peace.

Day of Judgment:

All the Muslims should prepare themselves for the Day of Judgment. Muslims will be asked for their all doings therefore they should remain careful in every doing.

Completion of Islam:

Religion Islam was chosen as the Deen of Muslims in the last sermon of Holy Prophet. It is obligatory for everyone to accept Islam and make Allah happy before death.

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